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showcasing Queensland talent

show camp

show camp

90+ years of journalism

For over 90 years, Show Camp - previously known as the Farm Boys' and Girls' Camp, has been a feature of the Ekka. For the past 30 years the Camp has been giving year six and seven students the opportunity to develop their journalism skills by publishing their very own newspaper articles in the Ekka Courier. A fully immersive and unique experience, students live at the Brisbane Showgrounds during the 10 days of Show, covering all aspects of Show life from animals to food and entertainment.

To celebrate the accomplishments of Show Camp students, we are showcasing some of the best stories from the past 30 years.


A small group of keen reporters have completed the online course and are now writing their stories about Ekka 2020 Online. They are basing their reports on the information from the Ekka Online website and supplementing this with some additional personal research.


The virtual show camp students, who are from Brisbane and country regions from Meandarra to Texas, have not met each other and may have never visited the Ekka; yet they are doing some amazing work.


We are hopeful that we will be able to meet up with these budding journalists some time during Ekka 2021.

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